About the Project

Uganda’s Katosi SDA Primary School and Orphanage needs our help.

A few years ago, I volunteered in Uganda at Katosi SDA Primary School. This school also acts as an orphanage for a number of children. Grades one to four are currently being taught in a makeshift shack and the classrooms are too small for the number of students attending school. Also, the classrooms don’t offer adequate shelter from the rain, so come Uganda’s rainy season, students are often unable to attend class.

I’m now embarking on a journey to raise ten thousand dollars through a series of fundraising events, in order to build four adequate classrooms needed at the primary school and help further children’s education in Uganda.

The project will be executed and monitored by local Ugandan organization, The Community Development and AIDS Prevention Services (CODEAPS).

Alexandra Lamarche, Fundraising Project Leader and Volunteer

If you’d like to donate, you can do so online at http://fundraiseindays.com/details.php?id=139 or email us at katosiprimary@gmail.com for other options!


One thought on “About the Project

  1. Congrats! a nice thing you’re doing, at some level because I just came from west Africa, it ‘s people like you that the world need, there is a world crisis, human crisis where people rather raise a domestic animal than their fellow human. people with no shoes , no clothes, no food, no habitat etc…”grosso modo” no primary care and government help, no infrastructure to help people help themselves. it’s sadden with ALL the traffic going on. I wish you lot of courage.

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